Thursday, September 8, 2016

Me is me, not because of other people, not because of other things

Hi. I just can't wait for holiday, still got one day to go!

The picture above is where I'm so ready to go for work. I'm so glad we didn't start early also and my face still look fresh. I just wore a simple shirt and jeans.

I only put toner, some serum, day cream, CC cream and also compact powder from Mary Kay. I didn't wear mascara, or eyeliner or do some on fleek style. LOL. I like to wear simple. My eyebrows also so original like you still can see they are still messy at their place because I think my eyebrows already has it shape. LOL again.

I admit I'm so dummy in makeup but I do really care about how to take care of my skin face. So, never put me in woman with classy things, I guess.

Like me, I'm type if woman who wear the same clothes almost every week. I have a lot of shirts and dresses actually, and trust me, I can take an hours just to decide what I should wear and at the end I just wear the same clothes like I always did.

I'm not the type of woman who have a lot of bags, purses or accessories like collection they said. While some woman I've seen, they can match everthing they wear because they have a lot of stuffs, a different colors and patterns just for one stuff.

Yeah. Sometimes, I also wish to be just like them, up-to-date, fashionable and so on like other successful women. But I know I can't because if I did, that only happen for one time and I will back to the normal me.

This is why me is me. I don't care what other people might says as long as I'm happy.

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