Friday, September 30, 2016

Aliana AB don't want to be friend with Muslim?

Long time ago, my mother used to asked me, why I don't want to be friend with muslim? I think thats the only question that I have no idea how to answer it. After I finished my secondary school and have joined the PLKN camp, I never have a muslim in my life as my bestfriend ever except one but we separated because she studied and work at different city. I ever have a muslim friend like so-so but they're all types of people talking behind someone's back so I think no wonder if one day, I'll be their victim like people that they always to judge. It is not my fault that I don't want to be friend with muslim, but you know if you don't feel comportable with them, you better don't. I used to be friend with muslims also during my diploma because they are my housemates but it is just not for a long time because we separated and move out. When I do my thesis during my degree, I also be friend with some holy peninsular muslimah girls. They are all kind and very nice person but I know we can't never be bestfriend because bestfriend is a person that we can share and talk so much about, go out for shopping together, sleeping together and so on. Like I always said, we can be friend with many people same like I can be friend with A and also need to be friend with A's friend.

I'm actually not really choosy. I can be friend with all people. My roomate was my bestfriend when I'm still undergraduate student. Just the point now is the only friends that still going like forever which is I'm willing to take my unpaid leave because of them is my non-Muslim friends. We know we're all staying far away (not so far actually) from each other but we manage to go out together like always. Sometimes, I feel so poor with my mother, she thought that I become a "wild girl" (like dye hair, my sexy clothes) because my friends all are non-Muslim which can bring a bad vibes to me, she said that, not me. But mother is always a mother, I feel mad sometimes because many people try to brainwash her because she's muallaf especially religious live show on TV. She's just an innocent woman, rarely to go out from her house except when she go for tilling with my dad and also got coincidence where almost all of my mother's non-Muslim friends are not so nice person.

Maybe she have not yet see a good non-Muslim friend? To me, I'm just okay with all people as long as they didn't stab behind my back or judge me or saying anything bad about me. Just logic, doesn't mean they are muslim, they are good person. Same like non-muslim, doesn't mean they are bad person. I hope my mother understand. Just don't be friend with people who have the same religion with yours. Just remember, no matter how holy they are in their religion, they still can do the bad things to us. I've know certain people who go pray 5 times a day, fasting, cover their aurah but their heart full of hatred. I also know a certain people who never miss to go pray to church, join the religious activities, put all crossses inside their house and cars but still proudly talk something bad behind someone's back.

I'm not judging for those who religious but this is the fact. I told you guys because I've been treated by the people like them. I know my family want me to be a holy but seriously, I just can't because I don't believe all of this. Not because I want to be "wild person" to them, but my heart never feel want to go there anymore. I'm not the old me during my secondary school that forced to wear what they want and think like what they written inside our history and religious books. No! You know, knowledge is everywhere, just don't think inside the box only. Be friend with people who have different ideologies with us, compare it, think positive, be nice and make our own mind.


gr@wn said...

lol. Aku lak, susah nak kawan ngan non-muslim.

Aliana AB said...

Sbb environment kita adalah berbeza-beza...