Monday, September 5, 2016

Kind of basic products for face care

Hi. Since I start to work, I like to wasting my time for girl's shopping things. You know, Getting old is not really welcome in my life so I have to take care of myself especially my face.

I hate my body actually because I look so fat now due to uncontrol food portion intake. Now, I become a Doraemon because the affect of sit at home 24/7. No exercises, no work.

As a woman, you need to do maintenance like always. Never think that you waste your money for that. You must! If you type of always run out of money, just enough to facial basic products like:

1. Face wash (make sure cleanser type)
2. Toner
3. Face moisturizer
4. Day cream and night cream (I will not recommend these for those who have an acnes on ther face)

If you want to add on some mask also a good idea. The best mask to me is the one that can pull the blackheads and whiteheads out from our skin and like Shiseido mark. Also don't forget about lips mask and eye mask. Usually mask price a quite cheap but it doesn't mean we can use that daily. Just enough 2-3 time in one week.

Just remember that don't ever follow what brand other people applied to their face because every each of us have a different type of skin.

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