Saturday, September 24, 2016

Change our mind and attitude

"Change" is subjective. Sometimes it can be a bad to the certain people but it is also can be a good to the different people. Sometimes, they said when we have changed, we changed into a bad person because of our unique ideas and the way we think is really opposite.

"Yes, I can be friend will all people but sometimes, I need to choose who my friend is. I know I was a really old-fashioned person before like, they don't even want to see my face like "OMG, why she's like that?". But now, I have changed, I don't care anymore about my old bad memories..."

Right now, I learn not to relate the things I did or I say with any religions or Gods like, before I always said "Oh my God, OMG" or "For God sake" or something to do with that in Islamic way or non Islamic way. You know, it is so awkward when some people try to approach me and ask my religion. Seriously, I don't have any.

Okay, I leave all this things behind and become a new person. Not because I'm fedup or what, I'm just so in love with myself until I feel that I don't want wasting my time for nothing like this, my happiness and my life.

I understand, got some people leave their religion and race because they feel so frustrated about what they beliefs even many of them willing to insult their own kind because they so ashamed with the other religions always say something bad (true and fact) about their own kind. If they leave for that, why not? We are have our own reason right?

Also got people who think their religion is always right, so they try condemn the other religions and they spread all their hatred toward all people. They feel so satisfy by doing that, its creepy you know.

Also got some people who loves peace and claim that "There's no bad religions", they cry when they watch some religions and multiracial unities inside the youtube videos that have been shared on Facebook. They also criticized all the racism and always put a comment on Facebook "1Malaysia/1Sarawak/1Borneo".

And also got some people who always find other people's mistake especially those who have the lower religious level than them, like LOL,

These kind of people are actually been exposed with different type environments, so that's why they come out with different ideas. Because you know what, I also used to be one of their groups. So, I move out and be more and more positive.

I don't want to say anything bad about religions, seriously. But I feel a bit frust with the believers. Now, I just watch them and learn.

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