Monday, September 12, 2016

I want to peace my mind

I'm taking this picture at Sri Aman

Every each of us must have our own problem, just like me. I have so much things to think about, I feel stress about my future, my work, my personal problem, my relationship and yeah. It's actually normal.

On the way to Sampadi, You can see a Serapi mountain

The one of the way that I always use to calm my mind is do the road trip. I love so much road trips. Compare to travelling using flight, road trips not so costly.

Ferry area at Sampadi

I'm so grateful even though we just road trip in Sarawak state only. Let me share you guys more pictures.

This is Sematan

Now I'm at Pasir Pandak, Lundu

On the way to go home

Sarawak is beautiful and I so glad have a chance live here.

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