Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Commit suicide

Not all people borned to be strong and or mettlesome, something like that. Sometimes, heartbroken that we thought only a small matter can be a biggest problem to certain people. This is because we naturally have a strong heart while some of the others are not. But, this doesn't mean we can condemn the others who weak or someone who easily heartbroken.

Last month ago, I've seen one story about a teenage girl in social media which she's been so stress and she wish to commit suicide in her post. When I scroll down to the comment, which almost all the comment full of hatred, acusing her, insulting her and make her look so stupid and worse, encourage her to do the suicide. Most the commentor are Malay Muslim people. Well, this is the truth.

Maybe thats because we thought that people who commit suicide is the "people killing themselves". But we never thought that the real killer is us, who always don't care about happen around us, who don't care about how other people's feeling, we hurt them so much!

Commit suicide is a sin and totally wrong according to Islam and Christian teachings, I don't know about the other religions. But, how is possible for someone who really holy and religious but then they simply killing themselves just like that? They know what they did is a sin and they will become a sinner which the only place they will go after died is "Hell".

It is so funny right when people like us calling them as a sinner while we don't even look at ourselves. I guess most people only love heaven than their God and the people around them.

I know there's also got people who want to commit suicide just because they want an attention. For those people who think this is stupid, it is nothing different like they took their selfies and post it on social media or did something funny so that they can be viral or people who show off they are religious just for compliments. Why so hard for us to admit that we are all like an attention?

I really wish I have a lot of money, I wish I can help those kind of people. You know what, because I think religios people can't do that efficiently. We are all know that what might come out from their mouth. It is just a typical advices and same hope over and over again. All we need is someone who are able to give us some respone instead of pretend like miracle is exist.

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