Saturday, October 15, 2016

Types of people that we can't be friend with

Since I like my friends so much, here I will give you guys tips about types of people who never can be our friend.

1. People who easily get moody and mad all the time.
This type of people can be so spoil. If we can't satisfy them to do what they want, trust me, they will moody for the whole time. Sometimes, their moody mood can affect our mood too, so you guys better move on for the sake of happiness. I used to be treated like this by one person during my diploma before. I talked to her but she didn't respone me because she's mad at me for no reason. So, I just walk away and didn't talk to her until now. See, if something is wrong, just talk and don't be quiet like she thought that everyone is psychic. Huh?

2. People easily get extreamly jealous.
This kind of person don't want to see you better than them. If they do, they will cempete you. Even you just be happy and feel peace can make their heart broken. If they cannot compete you, they will try so hard to make your life feel so hard and sad. Their life never feel peace unless they succeed bring you down to their feet.

3. People who like talking behind someone's back.
This is normal especially when you are woman. But can you imagine when they with you, they treating you so nice, giving a compliment, happy and so on. But when you not with them, they are talking behind your back, complaining about you and jugde you like hell yeah! You know, if you meet this kind of people, don't ever talk anything secret especially about your secret to them. Ouh yeah, their mouth just like a birds who never stop talking.

4. People who extremely make their family MORE important than anything else.
This type of people are also hard to be friend. For the sake of their family, they will leave you like a rubbish and they are so able to do that. But, when they need something, they know they will find you. Yes, we are all love our own family, family is important but at the same time we should treat our friend better too. For example, we ask friend to accompany us while we are lonely and friend willing to come over and pack their stuffs just to overnight. Suddenly, our parent come to take us home, are we able to leave our friend just like that? I know there's are bad friends, there's a good friends. There's no need to shout something like "family are more important than friends", "Friend end with END, family end with ILY(I love you)" I don't know what type of stupid quotes like this.

5. People who extremely make their boyfriend/girlfriend MORE important than anything else.
Same like no. 4. They only find their friend when they heart broken and just break-up.

6. The bully.
This type is a bit dangerous. You don't know what their characteristic at the first time you meet them until one day, they asking for your help adn you help them. After that, those the "help" things can be an order to them for you. For people who easily get bullied, its a bad situation for them to be with this kind of friend.

7. People who like to borrow their friend's stuffs or money.
This kind of people are worst! If they just sometimes like to borrow their friend's stuff, I think still an acceptable. But if "borrow" things almost all the time, you better be selfish for the sake of your safety because some diseases can be spreaded by sharing stuffs. When it involve a money, just be careful because almost all people who like to borrow their friend's money is really hard to pay back. Trust me, I also been treated like that by some "friends".

8. People who like praise to themselves.
You will realize when you have a conversation with your friend and she/he so much intense praise to themselves. Sometimes, their stories is about how people always look at them because they are pretty, many people like them so much, she/he go vacation to the beautiful places, their children smarter or cute than the others, like annoying things I guess. I understand when people tend to share their beautiful stories but I think I can differenciate it between sharing and show off. They don't care about our stories a long as they tell their story first to us.

9. People who make their gadgets MORE impotant than anything else.
When you hang out with your friends, did you realize that they always look at their phone? Or you also did that? How do you think when someone who excited to talk to you but you just look at your screen phone, scroll down scroll up, see some pictures and playing game etc.?

P/s There's no perfect friends relationship. The only matter is how we accept our friend's bad habit and change it and make their world better especially when they with us.

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