Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Changing to be a better person

I've been looking back at my old entries lately. I'm trying so hard to translate all my entries to English version, while that, I've seen a lot of my childish entries about stupid things especially when I was blogger's newbie. Yes, I admit it.. It is look so damn stupid, and I feel shame about it actually.

But you know what, I'm still changing to be a better person. Maybe me in the future will feel the same way as I do right now when read this entry. LOL.  Certain people maybe love to find something like this. I mean their hatred, force them to seek my old mistakes or stupid things about me before and maybe try to humiliate me with that.

This place can be good for deep thinking

I know, one day people will do that. Especially when your views is totally opposite to them. They won't like it and they will do something about it. You know people, they never can be pure, neither holy. So, get ready for that.

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