Monday, January 30, 2017

I didn't blame my parent for who I am now

Yesterday, I have read some IIUM confessions about an Atheist Malay and how she become an Atheist and so on. Well, some of commentators said that thing happen because the confessor's parent too ignorance about Islam religion, some said the confessor is a stupid, confuse, and other bad criticizes well, you know.. Religious people minded.

Suddenly I'm thinking about myself. I'm not that kind of that confessor actually, not even the way she think is totally different than mine. I know that she didn't mean to put the blame on her parent and if she proudly become an Atheist, why not? I knew a lot of ex-Muslims who really religious and at last, they lost their faith and become an Atheist or Christian.

Some typical religious might think that having no God to believe is just like living with no purposes, no life, sad, lonely, empty soul and whatever they call it. I think that they just overreacting about other people's life. Okay, for my humanity sake, I don't want to condemn so badly about religious people. They are free to give an advises to other people as long as they not forcing to believe what we CAN'T believe.

Like me here, yes my parent are quite liberal and I like it anyway. I become who I am now not because the way they educated me. It is because I wanted to be like this. This is my choice. I don't crave for attention for this, I just want to make it clear that I'm not a bad Muslim. I'm no longer one of them anymore. Well, of course we will said that our religion is the right religion because we born with it. If you see Christian also did that. So, what's the different?

By the way, some commentators said that the confessor use an Atheist term as an excuses for her to cover her become a bad Muslim in front of Muslim eyes. Well, I don't want to judge, but what do you think that we can do if we no longer believe that? force and pretend? It is just doesn't make any sense at all! The fact is, they themselves become so insecure and promise themselves to brainwashed their children to believe.

This life is definitely scare me out! Some people in certain area just can't have the life that they always wanted, the peace they looking for because of some bigots outside there forcing us to believe and torture if we disobey. I'm not trying to influence the others, but at least, give us space and freedom to make our own choices.

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