Saturday, January 28, 2017

It's okay for us to choose our own destiny even due to trivial reasons

Our experiences has taught us so many things in our life. Like me, I've chose to be unbeliever due to certain reasons that some people will think those just only trivial reasons for "childish". Well, that because they don't feel EXACTLY what I've felt. In race and religion's cases, I mean how I've been treated by those religious people make me hate them so much for the rest of my life and I have right to do that.

Even though I don't feel comfortable with those religion things especially Christian and Islam, I don't put my hatred toward my Christian friends and my Muslim family members. I just hate some of "for fuck sake" believers who think they are good enough and they DID that because of their religion.

You know, I just can't blame only the people or the believers. I should put the blame on their religion too. There's no "religion are perfect, people who not" or whatever. It is just an excuses for them to do the bad things toward people like me. I have met one family who hate ALL Islam and Muslims because some Muslims used to messed with them. Their chose to hate rather than to forgive, so I also chose to hate them (that one Christian family) and I won't forgive. It is not because I'm trying to backup Islam, it's just I really hate judgmental RELIGIOUS people. Why? Because they don't follow what their religion have taught, yet they still condemned us for the sake of their religion.

Not just Christian, Muslims also included most. We all just the same, I don't understand why some people think that their community so special or so the chosen one, OMF *rolling my eyes 360 degree.

This one above is one of my life story that make me who I am now. Some other unbelievers also have their own reasons to become what they are. Some of them still looking for the truth, read a lot and make researches. Some looking for mistakes and try to provokes. Yes, we are bad people especially me, but before put any stupid criticizes, just look for the root of our stories.

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