Monday, January 2, 2017

My first 2017 vacation

Happy new year 2017 to everyone! Last week I went for vacation. Actually just a short road trip from Kuching to Sibu to Bintulu to Sibu again and just home at Kuching today. Moreover, I was sponsored 100% by Carlson, so thats gonna make me think, "why not?"

Not to mention that we're dating or what so ever, we actually more to enjoy ourselves with nature and cities.

One more thing that I would like to share about is, Sarawak is full of beautiful places. Yes, Sabah is beautiful also, even Malaysia peninsular got many interested places and also the other countries. But as Sarawakian, I think its better for us to explore our places first before go to other places. Plus, its really economic!

Ouh, I really wish I have a lot of money and time (especially). You know, travelling is better than to waste your money for big wedding or to pleased other people.

p/s I just know that Carl lied to his family about this vacation, so I'm just act like nothing happen since thats not my business anymore. You know, as a parent, when our children learned how to lie, thats our problem not to teach them properly especially when we threatened them. Just saying.

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