Sunday, January 22, 2017

My weaknesses

Everybody has their own weakness. As long as we're breathing and living, we'll never run from making a mistake. Same as me, I did mistakes and regrets. But sometimes I just can't get rid my weakness just like that, so no wonder I always did the same mistakes.

First, I always be too nice and trust too much with the wrong person. I help them, I share my everything with them, I share my secret, I talk to them first and the result, they treat me like a jerk. Even worse, I still can be so nice to them, hoping that they will be nice to me too someday.

Second, I dream too much. I don't live my life 100% in reality. I did my job, I go social, I try to being me but my mind always bring me to my own imagination life, where I can be and get everything I've wanted which those things never become a reality for me. I think you guys familiar with "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" movie. Worth to watch.

Third, I'm easily get emotional. I'm easy to cry and get mad even on small matter. But I only do that with someone who I really close to.

And etc. I have many other weaknesses but somehow hard to explain to everyone but these weaknesses make me who I am then and now.

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