Wednesday, January 18, 2017

People who demanding who they want to be friend with

I have a lot of friends. I also have seen people who asking our details before they be friend with us. If we have something that they don't really into about us, they will not going to talk to us anymore. I have been treated by someone who asking my race because they all Iban in group and after they know that I'm Malay, they just act like they don't recognize me on the next day and forever.

I also been treated by someone who chatted with me asking my details first and after that, they stop replying me and it looks like they don't see the criteria of what they've wanted on me. Normally I don't really care about it, but I think they should be condemned. I'm not choosy person, I have many different kind of friends which some of them too social, some too innocent, some too holy, some too nerd, some too much enjoying their life and I don't easily get influenced by their attitudes.

I wonder why some people care too much about the other people's criteria, like races, social or not, drink or smoke, religions, careers, money and so on. I don't even see what so special about them, most of them not so nice, ugly maybe, and always think they are better than anyone else, and also yet they choose people who they want to talk to. Funny.

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