Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Posting selfies just for seeking an attention

Hello again! Last week I tried to shared something about social media and photo selfies with Carlson. He suddenly said to me that I like to take selfies and post it on social media websites is just like someone who want a publicity. LOL! Then what?? It is not like I'm try to protest him but yes. I admit that's true and I like it, there's also nothing different with other girls who dress themselves just want to be attractive in real world.

There's no girls don't want to be someone who people don't want looking at. Even muslimah try to dress themselves pretty in the way they are including for those who are really religious, like stop taking their own pictures, or wear niqab or what so ever but deep in their heart, we all women know that we like an attention even though only from one person.

So yeah, before and now I still like put my own selfies inside my blog entries. I don't know why but I just can't help myself from doing that. Moreover, attention is not a illegal thing right and I have no idea why most local people like to take it so seriously!

Unless some of the others maybe get bullied on the cyber and make them private or quit their social media from to have fun. That's their problem because make it such a big deal about what people saying. We all know the consequences, so be smart. People won't stop talking about you. Just be happy and be who you are.

You know, last week got a few teenagers tried to climb up the "IPOH" sign and take their selfies and posted it in their social media. I don't want to judge them but some commentators are so stupid to say something bad to them but impressed when western people did the same 100% without safety first.

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