Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The ugly of Aliana AB

When I was a teenager around age of 15 or 16 something like that, I'm not a popular girl, I don't even look pretty at all (but it is doesn't mean I'm pretty now, but much better than me before), I'm not a smart student, I'm not talkative person and certain people hate me for no reason. The only thing that I've got is I'm a bit weirdo and some of my friends like it because it is funny to them.

There's no guy want to talk to me at that time, and I don't even have a guy friend. Most of them really attractive with my girl friends because they're pretty and know how to act "really spoiled girl" (I don't know how to describe it) with guy around them. While me, I'm just a dumb nerd, sometimes treated like a rubbish even by most of my own friends. Well, I'm not saying emotionally about it, it is just the ugly truth about me.

Most of my bored social life only happen when I go to school. When I at home, I like to sit alone in my room and draw some manga. I rarely go out or hang out with my friends at the outside. There's no the other places for homely girl like me other than my room. I used to cried alone and drew an ugly duck on the paper and looked at myself at the mirror at the same time. This is my life!

While the others have their own good memories about their teen years, celebrating their birthday, their first love, travelling to somewhere, have fun with family and friends, awesome gadgets as a gift.

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