Friday, January 6, 2017

Why I hate so much everything about races and religions

Races and religions. The two different kind of things which both have the same purposes. I've been surrounded with two major religions, Islam and Christian since I was born. I was raised by Muslim family and be friend with some Muslims and most Christians. You know, the worst part about being me is, I've been hated from both side of these religions.

Muslims hate me because I don't want to follow Islam. To them, I'm just a bad and wild girl who have no purposes in life. They actually don't know what happen to me and my belief since I need to take care of myself from something bad that I don't want to be happen. While the Christian hate me because I'm Muslim on my ID card.

You see. All religions teach their people to be kind, forgiveness and so on, they actually did it, yes! But only through their words and they so proud by just saying that. But what happen with their mind and heart? Such hypocrite isn't it?

Well, I don't believe no more with some quote sounds like "people are bad, religion are not". There's a good people and also a bad people. When a good people do the bad thing, that's because of the religions. I know a lot of people will disagree with my opinions but experiences teach me a lot. I don't mind if some of them call me an evil while the religious people use their kindness to condemn people like me.

The differences just killing all of us! Non-Muslims and Muslims both have the feeling of insecure to each other and they make their children living in the darkness of races and religions. Please don't get offended. This is the true, this is what happen nowadays. Living here with majority of religious Muslims and Christians sure make me living like hell. They won't listen to understand people like me, they just listen to win.

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