Wednesday, February 22, 2017

All religions have their own bigots

Yesterday night, I saw someone who post about hatred toward Muslim and Islam. He posted a video about Muslim group trying to take a dead body from Christian family (he said that) and he claimed that he took that video from his whatsapp group. The funny thing is, the story that he trying to share on Facebook about the video was totally a fake story because someone the dead body's brother comment him and ask him to remove the video.

Well, that's not the main point here. What I want to share to everybody here is about the extremist and the hatred. I was read his post about how he hate most Muslim and Islam so bad and he said he never approve friend request from them because those bigots always trying to report about him to Facebook. I'm not trying to backup Islam and Muslim here neither Christian, I just feel funny with some religious people.

This is what religions did to us, HATRED! It is weird when overprotective people trying to influence their friends and family to follow their belief, brainwash and so on but they themselves didn't practicing it, I mean moral.

I think that he sometimes doesn't have any difference from those Muslim bigots. I feel a bit sad actually because he's educated people, and he's married. I don't hate him actually. I'm just feel very sorry. Sometimes social media just make us from matured to be un-matured, like need to spread hatred and need to go crave for attention by using sensitive issues.

I don't like those religious bigots, I don't like their ideologies and their fanatic toward their own religion. But I don't put the blame on people especially when they are nice people (There's a lot of religious people who don't mind at all about our unique views). I don't hate my own friend just because they have different belief than mine. I understand when people really need their God in their life, and I don't spread my ideology to them or influencing them with my idea. As long as they respect me or I'm not hurt caused by them, I will be fine.

I hope everyone can change their mind before they poison their kids with their hatred. Please stop the hatred if you hate to be hated. It's okay if we want to come out some ideas, but don't ALWAYS come out emotionally.

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