Monday, February 20, 2017

Don't please someone who don't even care about you

I know how much all of us seeking for attention. Some girl at the outside right now maybe struggle for something, make themselves hungry, wear heavy makeup, buy expensive clothes because they care how do they look infront of other people. I'm not only talking about them, I'm talking about myself too. Yes, we are all know that we are beautiful just the way we are but we can't help ourselves to please everyone around us.

It's natural, some people maybe don't realize that they actually love the others too much compare to love themselves. But at least make it worth. I've been experiences being a girl who did everything just to make sure everyone look at me. Yes, they saw me but only if I already stand above them. They didn't see how I work so hard for it, they didn't see how do I look when I struggle to be one of them, they didn't see how much I care about them. It is clearly they don't care unless you are better than them.

I used to be treated like a rubbish once during my secondary school. I help my pretty and smart classmate to do her homework because she forgot to do it that day. I sacrifice my time just to wait with her at the outside of the class and you know what she did after she finish her homework? She just say thanks and go after her group of smart students and act like nothing like she didn't even know me because I was nothing. My biggest mistake was I tried to pleased everyone and they gave me a shit as their replied.

Of course I didn't ask for a price. But, at least appreaciate what I'm trying to do for them. At the end, I just make myself love me less, have no confident, being manipulated by some people, and hate something that I really love. Now, I don't mind to be alone all the time as long as I'm happy to be myself. Maybe some people will see us as a pathetic moron because we walk alone, eating in the public alone, stay at home alone. You know what, I rather stay alone instead of being a ugly doll for un-worthy people.

p/s: un-worthy people, they are nothing actually, but we see them as everything. Try to look from our logic view, they are more ugly, broke, choosy, unmatured, and act like rich hipters. Just don't be stupid like them, we are thousand better!

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