Thursday, February 23, 2017

Malay and Islam

In this modern technologies and era, I just can't believe that still got some people confuse the different between Malay and Islam in Malaysia. How confuse they are? "Have you ever heard people say "Dia sudah masuk Melayu (She's already converted to Malay)" or "Tapi dia Melayu (But he is Malay)" *they mean Zayn Malik.

Well, I don't know why some people like to think that Malay race is a Islam especially MOST non-Muslim in Sarawak. No offence. Race is race and religion is religion. Even though our country law said that whoever are Malay automatically their religion is Islam, but it is clearly still look so different. The worst part is those who think something like that are mostly educated people!

Muslim women

While most of Muslim always blame Malay for some people mistakes like "Malay like to discriminate their own people" or "Malay like to do bad thing to people" and many other things that totally doesn't make any sense to me. Why they put so much hate on Malay race?? What people did is nothing to do with their race but why some people must relate between attitude and bloodline?

Malay girl

If they understand the Malay history and culture, they won't say something ridiculous like that. Islam and Malay have so much different especially when it comes to culture, how they dresses, their foods, morality was totally opposite than Islam. Some people try to mix Malay culture with Islam culture and I think it is doesn't match at all. I feel sorry with my race actually. The most hated race in Malaysia because of majority's mentality.

While some people still want to claim Malay is Islam even though they know the different between both are totally sick moron. This kind of people is just like their imaginary satan, who like to provoke something for their fun. But I think that's not fun. I think they are stupid and they should study more about theology and history so that they won't get confuse before they bequeath their sickness to their children.

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