Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Poor will remain poor

Seems like this life is hopeless except when your family is rich, you are smart and good looking, you are sweet-talker, you have so many friends and related and you are lucky. I mean, I feel sometimes my life is miserable. I didn't mean to compare between my life and the other's life, but I feel it is quite obvious and totally not fair. Like one of my lecturer used to said to us "Life is cruel!"

But once again, I declined it. Life is not cruel, life is just life and have no feeling like human beings or other living things. The thing that we should call as cruel is human. Yes, human are cruel and they blame nature and life for their messed. Human make other human suffer, because of the competition. The weak one will become poor and never have chance to change their life unless they are lucky.

"Just be glad and thanks to God because at least you have something that people don't have" They said.. But you know, I just can't let myself be glad and refuse to change. I must work for a better life even though I know some people wont let me to achieve my dreams.

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