Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Screw my English!

Since I am from Malaysia and English is not my first language or not even my mother tongue, I feel a bit hard to improve my English skill communication especially when people around me just using local language as their daily language. But, I don't put the blame on them. I just wish people could understand why some people maybe look so stupid when they try to communicate in English.

English is just an international language that most educated people thought that English is measurement of the intelligent (Well, I took it from some quote at somewhere). I know how much important the English language is, but at least those who more expert in English try to give a respect to those who dying to use English even though their English such horrible.

My English also not so well, worst and funny and I respect so much people who not laugh or mock me when I try to speak with them and write in English. To me, those who like to insulting people have the most low of intelligent level because they think they know everything. Why so hard people just stay low and try understand other people's situation?

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