Sunday, February 5, 2017

Yes, I am a judgmental person

Hey. I think all of us hate kind of judgmental people, yet we don't realize that we actually one of them. It is just like we fight people who want to fight with us, it's doesn't matter how we try to fight, as long as we fight.

Everybody like to put their comments and critics on another person. So, I think none of us are actually innocent, or holy whatever. Like me here, I like to judge people after I know them well. I read their act, their attitude and how they talk about something and I judge them, well at least I don't spread rumors or lies to the other people.

When I was young, I hate people who talk behind someone back, judgmental people and people who judge according to their mindset or their mentality. Some people judge the other people too soon and sometimes also they judge people from other people's stories. I never be like that asshole and I hate someone like that.

Bad woman in the house

Since I'm not religious or got nothing to do about religion, I guess I can except myself from scare about something like sin or hell or punishment. But how about people who believe in their God? Are they don't feel disgusting about themselves being such a judgmental person? I thought they should be nicest compared to another people like me.

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