Monday, March 13, 2017

Be humble and friendly, but smart

Not all people can be so down to the earth, especially rich people. Even the poor people can act so snobbish and amazingly, they have nothing to be proud of. I have seen so many people who achieved their dreams successfully become so damn snobbish, especially when involving a lot of money, good job and popularity. Well, it’s normal by the way. People easy to forgot their originality. Yeah, of course I also included because nobody is perfect right? 

But, most of the time I do my best become friendly and humble. I know occasionally, is quite hard when you have to deal with unfriendly person or someone who can make you as a joke. My experiences teach me a lot of things about people. I used to meet a person who don’t want to talk to me and they rather talk to my friends even though I knew that I make myself an idiot by being a friendly to the people who don’t like me which is I swear I don’t have any idea why they being such a jerk (is it hard to come clean?).

I used to meet a person who have low social class, low level of education, or what so ever lower than me (not because I’m trying to say that I’m better) but their attitude toward me like someone who just got a billion dollar, you know what I mean. Some people that I’ve ever met, treat me like an idiot just because I’m so friendly. Sometimes, I try to help them and they give me a bad shit as reply. You know what I’ve learn from this? Being humble not always good. In every so often, we actually only make our dignity become not valuable.

I love people too, but I need to love myself first. I feel sorry to myself everytime people come and treat me like a rubbish. Of course we can be so humble and friendly, but also be smart in the same time so that people won’t take advantage on us. We can be a nice person but not always, not to the same person, not to the random people and not without any good reason.

Sometimes, I can be a snobbish person too.

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