Thursday, March 2, 2017

My hard times on the end of February and early of March

I have been through many tragedies lately. The worse part is Carlson have lost his bag (included his money, his smartphone, his whatsoever cards, wallet, my money around RM600 and my BSN bank book) when we were enjoying our lunch at the beach. He realized that his bag was gone after the wave hit us suddenly. You know I felt sorry he lost a lot of his stuffs that time so I gave him one of my brand new smartphone while I'm just using the crack screen phone until now. I don't even ask him to pay my money that time because I thought that I should support him and calm him down.

The second one is I'm not feeling very well nowadays. I suppose to take sick leaves on last Tuesday and Wednesday but I force myself to come to work because I just can't leave my responsibilities at our office which I need to arrange all the staff punch cards since that day is early of March. I never let anyone else feel so hard to do my job because I know they are busy too. I did the best as I can even though it was my first time holding some of Human Resourse job but sadly, I made a lot of mistakes according to my manager. Yes, I admit my mistakes, or maybe some of the things doesn't go so smoothly because we're having misunderstanding conversations (I guess) plus have to deal with very hard voice person, I don't know or maybe I should put all the blame on me because you know...

The third one is I suddenly feels like I miss someone in UNIMAS. Surely that someone that I missed is a guy who smart, good looking and nice. I tried to stalk him on UNIMAS website, he's so happy-go-lucky person and just found his Facebook account today and guess what...? He's married and his wife is beautiful. Well, he deserve that, you know. I think just by looking at his picture enough to make my day. I hope he always be happy, together with his wife.

The next one is got some girl have betrayed our trust on her. I don't know how to say it but sound like she messed all our friend's relationship. Maybe she thought that we're trying to make her bestfriend look so stupid but I think she already mis-heard our stories and I think she try to make everything worse by maybe tell something to her bestfriend with extreme story line. The most un-acceptable part about her is her job performance quite least. She can leave her work just like that (I mean undone and messed work) on her last day in our office. Come on, she's an educated person, good CGPA pointer but why she become like this? I have tried so many times to make she join our office conversations, talk nice to her, being good and that's how I got paid? Hurm.

The last one is about some people who I thought they are so nice and down to the earth push me away because their on the way to going up. I know my life is not beautiful, my life is horrible and I try to make it the best memories for me to remember. I think I'm too nice (I didn't mean to praising myself) and sometimes too much busy body not because I like to hear gossip, it's just I like to interrupt people because I wanted to help them. Surely they will think that "What a stupid.. bla bla bla". Last but not least, I know my level so don't need to remind me. I'm doing my best to be more positive person.

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