Tuesday, March 7, 2017

People and jealousy

Actually, it is hard to mix with the girls especially when we doesn't know so damn well every each of them. But, I didn't mean I prefer to hang out or be friend with guys instead of girls. I actually don't really mind who I be friend with. Somehow, I feel I need to avoid some bitches who talk so much about behind someone back, in the same time I can control myself from being someone like them (I mean influencing), in case.

Moreover, girls also can't get rid of jealousy. Me, as a girl easily to get jealous but I never talk or do the bad thing toward the people that I envy with. My jealousy usually encourage me to become better than me before. But some of the other girl's jealousy a quite harmful. They know they can't be you, so they talk bad behind your back, they judge and spread the rumors, even worst, they do something that can hurt you.

I always be the victim in this kind of situation. I'm not saying that I'm better than them, but you know, some girls can hate us without any reason. I don't need to be rich or pretty to make their jealousy appear. Just enough when I get lucky one time in my life like I suddenly get "lucky draw" or even I buy new stuff or I get something that they can't get, and surely I can make them assume that I am better than them for the whole life.

I can guarantee that always have a group of people who like to talk so much about me, judge me like they know me well. I'm not saying that only girls like to gossip, Guys also like too. So, what can I say, bitchy mouth is everywhere. Sometimes, I feel hard being me. I need to force myself to pretend to be "nobody". If I go above them, they will try to bring me down back. If they already above me, they will make sure I will stay below them forever.

I just don't know what kind of people they are, but I hope I never see them again. All I can do right now is trying to be okay, ignore certain people and just bother myself and my life here.

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