Monday, April 3, 2017

Aliana AB and travelling

I always dream that one day I will go far away from here. I'm just want to have my own new life where I can trust people around me and the environment make my mind and heart feel peace. I don't mean to tell everyone that living at Kuching is not so nice. Sometimes, people around you make you don't want to live here. I'm thinking about abroad also, but I also think about something that make me stuck here like forever.

I love to go to beautiful places. I wish I can live at one of those places and have a family there. But now, I have to left away my commitment. I'm not ready to get married, and I'm also not ready to have my own child (Not with this nowadays economies and bad environment). Even though I always imagine about that. Rich handsome and nice prince charming and beautiful childrens. Nay, funny teenage dream.

p/s The picture above shows that I have been in the Borneo Highland Resort. Good place to go.

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