Thursday, April 20, 2017


Yes. I'm religiophobia person, who put their fear and hatred on all religion. So, I guess no wonder I talk too much about religions and religious people. I don't believe all religion are kind because I judge people from what they believe. I do understand there are bad people and good people, but if good people do the bad thing, that's because of their religion. Same goes with people who do good because they're afraid of punishment from their God, which more to hypocrite just like people who wear an attractive mask (or whatsoever like saying they "love" their God as excuses). Anything that occur unnaturally, I considered it as a fake.

I think dealing with nature is much more better because they just follow their own rules of life

While me myself used to be treated bad by those religious people which you know, this group hate me because I'm not religious and the other group hate me because of my ID written Islam on it. I've been hated from both side of religions and I feels like I can't help myself to hate them more and more. Of course I still love my family and friends even though most of them are Muslims and Christians, trust me, sometimes I think I need to help and save them from those bad ideologies. But you know I can't do that and you know why...

There are many real good people outside there who really want to save the humanity without need to bring the word of God, unfortunately, they were killed by those religious bigots just because they stop believing in God. That's make me more fear to religions, especially when I live in untrusted religious communities.

Other than that, the best trick about them is when I see some religious people who can act like really holy and nice person just to make us feel attract with their religion. I think I don't like that, I want people to be nice just because they want it to. At the same time, I also do feel really sorry to the people who need God so that others will see them as a "good people", people who afraid of God punishment force themselves to be someone they're not, people who think religion is a moral which I think history books surely can be manipulated and full of double meaning words so that it will look holy on the surface.

It is look so creepy to me. People will do anything for their God, they even do something unmoral just to make sure their religion still exist.

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