Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stop bashing the contact lenses consumer

I just don't understand why some people like to bash other people who like to wear the contact lens. Just because they didn't wear that thing, they thought that they can say whatever they like, such a bullshit right? I know got some people out there who their eyes damaged because of some contact lenses, but do you know that I have wearing contact lens more than 15 years and still, my eyes is more than okay.

Both my eye's degree around 500, and I can't wear glasses more than 10 minutes due to the certain reasons. As long as we follow the rules on how to wear and take care of our lens, we will never have problem with that. I know wearing contact lens is complicated, to them but not me. Hygiene is the most priority. Whoever trying to condemn the people who wear contact lens because it is complicated, risk and difficult, I assume they might be have problem with hygienic.

To the hygiene people who used to wear contact lens but still have a problem (irritated eyes, red eyes, bleeding, bacteria infection), check back your brand of contact lens, check the water content percent in it, check back your solution brand, check back your lens wash water brand, and check on how you behave when the lens is on your eyes. People easily to get panic and that's the main reason why they accidentally hurt their own eyes, for example when the lens don't stay on their own position on your eyes, probably its going upside and get you extremely nervous and force to take it out until you hurt yourself.

I'm glad that contact lens help me a lot in my daily life

Wearing contact lens is not a "sin". There's a lot of people who really need this stuff just to make their life better and help them to survive in this competently world. Contact lens is one of essential thing to the people who have a problem with their eyes (low vision eyes) other than become a part of cosmetic product.

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