Friday, May 5, 2017

Heavy duty

I have been so busy lately with my job. I have three different kind jobs in one position but I'm happy to work for my company. I also have so much selfie's pictures taken but have no time to post it. I only stay at home during night until early in the morning and sometimes stay for a while on weekend. I try my best to clean my house rent since the owner keep complaining about the house (It is not dirty as fuck but you know when someone hate you for certain reasons, they will try harder to find your mistake).

Well, I don't give so much shit about that. I'm just focus on my career even though it is not too high class career but I'm glad and I think that's enough. I know I was a science student before and now I work in business and accounting field. Maybe some people will look it as a failure but I'm so proud with myself because I keep learning new things.

Moreover, I always keep my extra time for some outdoor activities like jungle trekking, picnic, jogging, road trips and many other things. Maybe that's why I don't feel any stress at all even though my work has improved. Some people maybe start to hate me and talk bad behind my back, all I need to do is be smart, ignore them and do my job.

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