Sunday, May 14, 2017

I hate you

As people always see that I'm type of happy-go-lucky and not bother about anything person, I also really hate to hate people but sometimes I can't hold myself when I see their face (people that I don't like). I mean hatred is everywhere, no matter how close they think they are with their God. Compare to the people like me, I'm so free to do anything or to feel anything but I chose to behave because I wanted to.

Except for the hatred. I don't easily hate people just like that. I started to hate them when they express their hatred toward me. Yes, of course it is personal and only to the specific person. I never hate people just because they are Muslim or Christian or black or White or Asian but for the sake of freedom I'm free to give criticize to the certain beliefs because they already did that according to their holy book about those who disbelief.

One thing about me when I really hate people is I never pretending to love them or being sweet talker. I will try to avoid to see their face, or talk to them, and yes... I will do that because I'm scare, otherwise I will hurt them. You see, I'm not a good person, and I believe none of us an "angel". We're human with animal instinct. We do bad thing because we want to protect ourselves.

Religion can control our mind but not our feelings. If you want love, you just love. If you want to hate, you will hate. You can say you love everybody and your mind can do the all lies thing just for you which you can pretend to be anything, but like I just said, your feeling is what you are. I guess we need to be honest to ourselves. We can think positive and avoid the negative thought as long as we don't lie because lying is negative action.

The worst thing about me is I'm stuck here. I wish I can get out from here as soon as possible and be at the place where most of people capable to think independently without easily get influenced with stupid things.

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