Friday, June 2, 2017

Don't be a stupid parent

Most of us some day will be a parent who love so much their kid. I don't want to simply judge parent just because I never feel what they have been through as a parent, I'm here to tell you the most real story that happen in front of me. Actually, this phenomena kinda common to all of us. I meant talking about parent who feeling so insecure, overprotective, arrogant and always convince that they are better than any other parent.

I won't argue if what they are right. But somehow, what they say about the other children is actually reflected to their own children. Some parent really hate smokers and they didn't realize that their children is one of the smokers.

Same goes with my situation, got some parent who thought that I'm not a good person and since their son and daughter stay at the same place with me, I know everything about what they did. Their parent hate social people but they didn't realize their children smoke, go to the club (rapidly), playing with some guy, and drink an alcohol.

Can you imagine the girl at the age of 20 did those kind of things? Whatever, that's not my problem. They free to do what they want as long as not getting me into their trouble. The real problem is their parent who absolutely know nothing about their daughter. All they know is dressing her sexy, be an attractive at the same time be religious, ptptptttt such unbelievable!

When they see me been acting like a slut just because I'm an open minded person, well they didn't see yet their religious children who wear clothes like a bitch and be like a bitch (I meant their attitude) like their religion ask them to do. Opps, no offence!

That is why I really hate judgmental parent who would say anything they like toward other people. I wonder how they will react when they know their children are the worse people in this earth.

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