Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm such a failure

Not all people born to be successful in their life. Well, maybe I'm one of the others failure or we just can considered it as a typical unlucky people.

1. Religion
I didn't ask to be something like this and the saddest part, I have no authority to be me. I'm just a puppet who controlled by judgmental people in reality, the only thing that make me to be honest is internet. The place that people can be who they are in closet.

2. Education
Having a bachelor degree doesn't guarantee you anything. It is just give you a bit standard, a pride that make you, well at least special from the others who not well educated. I'm so proud with my education level but I was not the best student.

3. Job
I have a good job. I love my job but I still feel unsatisfied because I know that I deserve more but I don't have any opportunity since there's a lot of people are so much better than me, plus there's also double standard system that impossible to avoid.

4. Relationship
I have almost 10 years of love relationship but honestly, I'm not really happy with it. Sometimes I think that I have made a wrong choice and it is hard for me to turn back again since most of my time wasted for nothing and I feel like to give up.

5. Family
I love my family but I can't be with them for a long time. It is make me feel so awkward and I don't know why. I guess I'm not into family things.

6. Friends
I have very very very few friends. We love each other but hard to get together since they all stay far away from me.

7. Money
I'm poor. That's all!

8. House
I don't have any since I'm very poor.

9. Car
I have one car but I let someone using it while me myself walk from home to go to workplace 6 days a weeks. Well, I'm glad it is not so far and I'm really used to it.

I love nature so much, but I only able to be there so rarely

I feels like I want to end up all of this thing and wish to restart again with a different situation. I'm not lucky type of girl, I'm just a person who have very typical life, I wish a lot and I work so much for it. But you know, I'm not the chosen one.

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