Sunday, July 16, 2017

The puppy

I woke up early in the morning as usual and prepared myself before go to work. It was a good day and I decided to walk myself go to my workplace. In the halfway to my destination, I heard something like puppy crying at somewhere. Then I stop, I look down at the big deep drain, it was poor puppy trying to get out from there. I look right and left see if any other people near me, I'm trying to text my friends and Carlson if they have any idea to give me what should I do to that puppy as I need to rush to go to work before I'm late.

Since the poor puppy bark so cutely and loudly, I have no choice except need to go inside that dirty drain to take the puppy out. So, I did. Gosh, I wish people don't see what I'm doing that time! It is not because the puppy, it is because I hate going into the dirty place and yuck, what the hell I just did?

The picture I took because I need to send it to my friends asking them what should I do at that time

As soon as I took the puppy out, he then watched me with his big round eyes, while shaking his tail. I ask him to go away far from the drain but he seems like keep following me wherever I go. So, I walked near to the shop lots. After make sure that puppy safe from fall again to that drain, I tried to walk faster to go to my workplace but he keep following me again and again.

You know, I wish I can keep him at my own house but I don't have yet any house under my name. I just can't bring him to my rent home moreover with my salary, I can't even afford to feed or make him be my pet. I look again at my watch, I'm so damn late at that time, until I have give him all my lunch that I put inside my lunch box and leave him while he's eat it and looks like he's so hungry.

I ran away and I feel guilty because I have to leave him. I tried to look for him one more time at the same day after I finish my work but he was gone. I wonder where he was. He's so cute, he's hurt and I hope someone will find him and take a good care of him.

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