Monday, August 14, 2017

There's no different between Muslim and Christian

My life become miserable because of those religions and their people. So, don't ever wonder about my hatred. I'm human being, I don't pretend to love something that I hate. I don't pretend to forgive those people that I won't forgive. As much I meet people with religion, I always relate their attitude with their religion like they also judge people from appearance. Well, since "don't judge a book by its cover" sound so lame. I won't use that because its annoyed me so much!

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Many years ago, I believed what Non-Muslim people said to me that majority of "Malay" (they mean Muslim since they've been brainwashed that Malay is Muslim, and I don't want to call these people an idiot) is a "bad people" who conquer the Non-Muslim's life, judge whatever people they hate, insult another religions, bring their religion inside politics and get the priority in everything even though Islam is not official religion in Sabah & Sarawak. It is so funny because most of them have a good job in this country, especially as an government servants but keep complaining about how bad their life is, no money, no opportunities and so on while I'm just an "unlucky" person who doesn't have any connection with government or other big companies.

You see, this is how other religious people insulting Islam, quiet and safely while Muslim insulting other religions openly and proudly in the Islamic country. But I think there's no different between those two. They insulting each other that's the fact. I will not considering "well, it's normal to "criticize" other ideas" said by so religious people, hello don't we realize their criticizes always personal. How come people with no religion doesn't have a right to talk about the other religions? and those religious people think they have a right in everything.

They say they hate racism and discrimination. So, let us see how they lick their own shit.

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